About us

Grupo Oito e. V. was founded in Berlin in 2006, and is a collective of independent artists, whose personal and educational background are immensely diverse.

Established by Ricardo de Paula Grupo Oito works with performers who share the common aim of exploring relationships between individual and society, and therefore use dance as a tool to reflect how they perceive modern society.

Ricardo de Paula finds his inspiration in everyday life, using the concept of identity as a reference point.

Grupo Oito’s first performance was in 2007, with “Washing Line Game”; a piece which the performers play a game with their clothes, as a reflection of society’s constraints.

The collective creation, “Dance for Sale”, a street performance, which focuses on the commercialization of art, using a dance as a product, was presented in Germany, France and Turkey from 2010 to 2012.

The new performance “Perception” is looks at key facts relating to a social integration and basic respect of human rights.