Laura Alonso

Born in 1984 in Galicia, Spain.

After finishing her degree in Physical Education in the city of Coruña in 2006, she began her studies in contemporary dance at school “Danza Carmen Senra” in Madrid, where she studied different techniques of contemporary dance, ballet and jazz. Since then she began to develop her work as dancer and dance teacher.
In 2009 she participated in the dance festival “Gracias xfavor,” acting in the play “Sabbath Matter” by choreographer Jesús Rubio.
In 2009 she moved to Berlin where she worked with choreographers such as Kelvin O’Hardy and Alba Lorca.
In 2013 she graduated as a teacher of Pilates in Pilateslab Berlin School and since then works as an instructor of Pilates in different schools.
She works as a contemporary dance teacher at the school Die Etage-Schule für die darstellenden und bildenden Künste and develops since five years her work in conjunction with the Grupo Oito.

Caroline Alves

Born in 1987 in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

After starting her classical dance and jazz studies in 1998 in the city of Muriaé – MG, she moved in 2004 to Belo Horizonte where she continued her studies in contemporary dance, integrating the Experimental Group 1st Act. Also in Belo Horizonte, she worked for seven years as a dancer for the Cia. Dance Palace of Arts, where she developed creative work with emphasis on individual and collective research, using tools such as contemporary dance, performance and its possibilities.
After graduating in Psychology from PUC-Minas in 2012, she moved to Berlin, where she worked with choreographers such as Alba Lorca and Ricardo de Paula. Currently she is part of Grupo Oito and has developed her research focused on movement produced by the use of voice, text and breathing, which culminated in 2014 in the solo Unset, presented in the project Oito Solos + 1 produced by Grupo Oito in Berlin.

Natalie Riedelsheimer

Born in 1984 in Bad Säckingen, Germany.

Since Natalie was a child she received musical education, having studied piano, violin and cello, as well as dance.
In 2002 she began her studies at the school Bewegungs-Art in the city of Freiburg, where she attended dance classes and contact improvisation. In the same year, she joined the ballet school Ballettzentrum Armin Krain.
Living in Berlin since 2004, she graduated in contemporary dance by the school Die Etage. She has been working with different choreographers Felix Ruckert, Ellen Davis, Kollektiv CIE4, Sven Seeger, Be van Vark, all the while developing her original work, teaching dance classes in many schools in Berlin and projects for young dancers. In 2013 she graduated as a teacher of Pilates in Pilateslab Berlin school and since then works as an instructor of Pilates in different schools.
Since 2010 she is a member of Grupo Oito.

Zé de Paiva

Zé was born in 1975 in São João da Boa Vista, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He worked professionally as an actor since 2000 in different theaters and companies of São Paulo, with directors such as Alessandro Azevedo, Fabio Ock, Fezu Duarte, Mark Okura and Marco Antonio Braz, among others.
Before moving to Berlin in 2007, he worked for six years at the Teatro Oficina with Zé Celso. As an actor he worked on such films as Carandiru – Héctor Babenco, Quanto vale ou é por quilo? – Sergio Bianchi.
Since 1995 he has also worked as a photographer with: Alfredo Nagib Son – Fritz, Mauro Restiffe, André Feliciano and in the Elizabeth Savioli Laboratory.
In Berlin he worked on projects such as Theater of locomotion with Nico Dietrich in Group Of Helmi with Florian Loycky and choreographer Regina Rossi.
Since 2009 is a member of Grupo Oito.

Ricardo De Paula

Born in 1970 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Ricardo works as a dancer, choreographer and director.
He began his dance studies in 1987 in Harmonia Studio de Dança in Belo Horizonte, with Classical Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance and has danced in companies like Grupo Corpo, Zikzira Physical Theatre, Dance Group Chameleon Mining Centre Classic Dance, Staatstheater Kassel and DV8 Physical Theater. He has worked with artists like Lloyd Nelson, Sasha Waltz, Felix Ruckert, Ahn Eun-Me, Sommer Urlickson, Christopher Winkler, Constanza Macras, Ana Mondini, Rodrigo Pederneiras, Dudude Hermann and Tuca Pinheiro, among others.
Since 2004 he lives in Berlin, where he is developing his research in contemporary dance called “Get Physical Process”. In 2011 he was selected in a public program of Berlin and received a scholarship to continue research. As a result, he performed the solo Shoot First in Theatre Ballhausnaunynstrasse and Tanznacht.
In 2006 he founded and became director of the Grupo Oito.

Miro Wallner

Born in 1985 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

He works as a project manager, cultural producer and dancer.
His Interest in the movement emerged and intensified with the practice of capoeira, circus and yoga.
In Brazil, he graduated in Business Administration from PUC-MG in 2008, held a MBA in project management from IBMEC MG and a specialization in service management from ESPM SP.
In 2012 he moved to Europe with the goal of working in the cultural sector. In Vienna, he attended workshops in Impulztanz with Andrew Lotbinière Harwood (CA) and Susanne Bentley. In 2013 he began working with production of theater and dance in Berlin. He became a member of the Grupo Oito just over a year ago, where he regularly practices the “Get Physical Process.

Martina Garbelli

Born in 1986 in Monza, Italy.

She began her dance education as a child with ballet, her interest shifted towards modern and contemporary dance. She attended several dance education programs in Italy (TILT – Milan, MODEM Compagnia Zappalà – Catania) and she graduated in 2012 in SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance)
Between 2011 and 2013 she worked regularly with the puppetry and dance company Zaches Teatro and she took part in several projects in Germany and Europe (Cie. Willy Dorner, DORKY PARK- Constanza Macras as a guest among others).
Since 2013 she lives in Berlin where she works as a freelance dancer, dance teacher and Pilates trainer. In 2015 she took part in the production “Part of you” by Grupo Oito and since then she is a member.