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“Untitled” is about people, lives that matter, murdered  lives… Another black victim of police error… Another life ended at the corner of a street, on the pavement of racism… A jerk, a resonance  in my body, where security is?

And, if was me? Who is the next?”Untitled”  is an invitation to memories,  sensations that pass through us when faces these murders…

V.  1. P., Amilcar Cabral, Abdias Nascimento,  Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Frantz Fanon, Thomas Sankara, Milton Santos, Fred Hampton,   Zumbi, Je Suis; Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, VAmarildo de Souza, Luiz Rodriguez, Milton Hall, Thiago Vieira da Silva, José de Souza, Pedro Domiense  de Oliveira, Jorge Aprigio de Paula, Alceri Maria Gomes, Patrick Ferreira de Queiroz, John Crawford,  Lucas Lima, Dè ja vu; Jonathan de Oliveira Lima …


Choreography / Dancer: Ricardo de Paula
Collaboration with Grada Kilomba


Secret Plan

“I wish I had someone I could trust …. it is relatively easy to trust someone when you  can observe him at the same time…. but I can trust only me and my burrow .” (Franz Kafka , The Burrow)

The solo is based on the text of Franz Kafka ” the Burrow ” .
The desire for security .
The paranoia an overlooked , hidden danger could lurk somewhere.
The hope to take the complete control.
The utopia to create the perfect home.


Choreography / Dancer: Natalie Riedelsheimer
Music: Zubin Zainai



“we are surrounded by rituals” misunderstood is a solo based on rites and modern perceptions of rites of passage, which is usually accompanied with departure or death.the clash of modernity and traditional rituals is put to focus, on a generational and universal context. the personal inhibitions and memories of the performer on stage is explored and met through objects, celebrations, reactions to landscapes,interviews, voices, sounds and the ambiguity of the glorified moments.
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The German word doch is the shortest and direct response to combat a negative statement with the opposite positive. Facing a denial, doch is the most direct way to make a contraposition.

In this project, doch is not just a word but an “action”. DOCH! is the tension between stopping and persisting. It is above all an insistence. Within DOCH! are also topics such as identity, nationality, violence, stereotypes.

DOCH! is a resistance weapon in the body itself.


Choreography: Caroline Alves
Dramaturgy: Miro Wallner
Music: AGF – AGF-Ripatti / TBA Natalie Beridze
Costume: Sofia Vannini
Voice: Kathleen Kunat

Warm thank you to Ricardo de Paula, Natalie Riedelsheimer, Martina Garbelli and Iury Trojaborg for collaborating in the process.



Treffgegen is a performance about meetings, meeting areas and meeting against. It is inspired in a crowded square called Tom Mboya in Nairobi (Kenya).

This solo is a work in progress that shows a body state and its reactions, when flowing trough different roles.

Public streets are areas where bodies move in different directions. Occasionally meetings happen, in witch those bodies affect, get affected and create all sorts of movement. This is power in it self.


Choreography / Dancer: Miro Wallner
Choreography Assistance: Caroline Alves
Music: AGF & Gudrun Gut – Ich Wollt’, Ich Wär’ Des Sturmes Weib, AGF – For Free
Costume consulting: Sofia Vannini

Thanks Ricardo de Paula for your feedbacks and ideas.


Oito Solos +1 #4th Edition – 18.09.15

A dance project by Grupo Oito
With a special guest from Nairobi

Showing 18. September 2015, 8:00 pm
Hoftheater Kreuzberg
Naunynstraße 63 – 10997 Berlin

Entry 10 € / 8 € → Buy tickets here

19-sep-2015, 8 pm / 20-sep-2015, 7 pm

The idea of this project is to bring together the dance collective Grupo Oito, understood as an association of individual choreographers,  and other artists of the contemporary dance scene.

This should be an encouraged exchange between different cultural identities that manifest themselves in movement and body language.

The project not only serves as a platform for artists to share their work between them selfs the individual performances appear by the changing constellation for the spectators in each new light.

Changed aspects of our society are always articulated and a blink over the diverse perspectives of our environment should happen.

Produced by Grupo Oito in cooperation with Hoftheater Kreuzberg.

Solos Grupo Oito

Caroline Alves

Ricardo de Paula

Natalie Riedelsheime

Miro Wallner

Solo Guest

Kefa Oiro