Borders & Corners

What are our Borders?

What kind of stories rest in our corners?

Which boundaries do they reveal, and what do they confront?

Balancing between the inside and outside, blurring the boundaries between performance and reality.

Borders mark the limits of different areas, perceptions, bodies. Who defines the difference upon which the border’s legitimacy is built? In their inconsistency, borders are geographies of confrontation, moments of reflection, constantly challenging the balance of a status quo. Along the borderlines, the undesirable, hidden and repressed accumulate in corners. As past and present blur in the histories stacked on top of each other filling up the corners, their secrets decay and erupt.

Borders & Corners takes on a journey to these places, follows them on global maps, on the streets of Berlin, between people and within themselves. In an assemblage of improvisation, live music, and live video art, borders and boundaries are negotiated in a constant act of balance: intersectional stories move from marginal peripheries into an imaginary center where perspectives and memories meet, where they complement and contradict each other. They echo between the walls of the theatre, questioning inside and outside, the boundary between performance and reality.

Ricardo de Paula hat mit seinem Performancekollektiv eines der wichtigsten Themen unsere Zeit angepackt. Und dass, wie so oft, auf eine leicht zugängliche Art und Weise, erzählerische, metaphorisch und bildstark dargestellt.”


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