Born in 1984 in Galicia, Spain.

After finishing her degree in Physical Education in the city of Coruña in 2006, she began her studies in contemporary dance at school “Danza Carmen Senra” in Madrid, where she studied different techniques of contemporary dance, ballet and jazz. Since then she began to develop her work as dancer and dance teacher.
In 2009 she participated in the dance festival “Gracias xfavor,” acting in the play “Sabbath Matter” by choreographer Jesús Rubio.
In 2009 she moved to Berlin where she worked with choreographers such as Kelvin O’Hardy and Alba Lorca.
In 2013 she graduated as a teacher of Pilates in Pilateslab Berlin School and since then works as an instructor of Pilates in different schools.
She works as a contemporary dance teacher at the school Die Etage-Schule für die darstellenden und bildenden Künste and develops since five years her work in conjunction with the Grupo Oito.