Zé was born in 1975 in São João da Boa Vista, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He worked professionally as an actor since 2000 in different theaters and companies of São Paulo, with directors such as Alessandro Azevedo, Fabio Ock, Fezu Duarte, Mark Okura and Marco Antonio Braz, among others.
Before moving to Berlin in 2007, he worked for six years at the Teatro Oficina with Zé Celso. As an actor he worked on such films as Carandiru – Héctor Babenco, Quanto vale ou é por quilo? – Sergio Bianchi.
Since 1995 he has also worked as a photographer with: Alfredo Nagib Son – Fritz, Mauro Restiffe, André Feliciano and in the Elizabeth Savioli Laboratory.
In Berlin he worked on projects such as Theater of locomotion with Nico Dietrich in Group Of Helmi with Florian Loycky and choreographer Regina Rossi.
Since 2009 is a member of Grupo Oito.