Regular Classes


Every Wednesday from 19:00 to 20:30, Grupo Oito gather together to practice Get Physical Process together with Ricardo de Paula. The classes take place in MIME CENTRUM BERLIN. Everyone who likes to move is welcome.


Moving the distal bones at any joint (the bones more distant from the center of the body). Moving the proximal bones at any joint (s) the bone closer to the center of the body. Every movement begins within us. Through ‘Get Physical Process’ the floor becomes your tool, reflecting this into your consciousness. By combining basic elements of capoeira and qualities of contemporary dance you will learn to use the floor’s support to become lighter, also gaining strength. Movement sequences will take you through every level of the space, challenging your boundaries, physically and mentally.

The aim of the class is to create experiences. Experiences within the body to help give a greater knowledge, freedom, and power to our movement. Experiences to take us forward. Based on the dance experience of teaching the class technique used in different companies. Ricardo de Paula developed his approach and interpretation of the movement language. Class is instructed by the fusion of techniques.

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