Grupo Oito has developed a vast body of work. The most recent productions are showing in theaters and festivals in Berlin and beyond:


Since 2013 Oito Solos + 1 creates a platform to develop individual artistic work. In Oito Solos + 1 the voices that otherwise merge in the work of Grupo Oito become articulate individually. Members of the collective develop a solo and show them, along with the solo work of an invited dance artist, in a joint performance night. The platform was born from the urge to move and make art while being fostered by the desire to create spaces for experiments and possibilities for feedback on artistic processes. Over the years, Oito Solos + 1 has become a platform to build strong ties to the contemporary dance scene in Berlin.


Jobs is a performance series that started in 2013. Participants of the Open Classes are invited to join the collective for a temporary collaboration. Within each project, everyone gets involved in the artistic process: Developing movement material and choreographies, experimenting with how subtle light shifts change the entire scene, and giving in to the magic of a piece to unfold in the midst of a group. Organizing the performance location, controlling the lights and developing a concept for sound, and stage design – the group has it all in its hands.