Jobs 1.0

Further editions

How many jobs do we have to do to be able to dance? Is dancing sustainable? What is the difference between “job” and “work”?

Starting from these questions JOBS beta 1.0 grew into a very divers performance enriched by the presence of live music. It dealt with topics like manipulation, power relationships, hierarchies through repetition and resistance arising from the body and as elements in the choreography. Personal experiences as well as texts by Karl Marx, Eduardo Galeano, and Sonia Vegas fed the artistic creation.

Production Grupo Oito
Choreography Ricardo de Paula
Performers Caroline Alves, Katalin Szücs, Laura Alonso, Miro Wallner, Natalie Riedelsheimer, Olga Ramirez Oferil, Zé de Paiva
Light design Irene Selka
Photo Ricardo de Paula, Elitza Nanova
Video Ricardo de Paula, Zé de Paiva
Music design Roberto de Bueno Aires
Stage and Costumes Grupo Oito
Camera Ana Jordão
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