Jobs 2.0

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Todays school system was created during the industrial revolution with the intention to prepare people to fulfill an economic necessity. With time, society and its economic needs have changed and yet, the structure of school has stayed the same.

JOBS beta 2.0 shows situations from everyday life at school by playing with movement elements that are still ingrained in our memory. We wonder – which part of us was formed in school? Did school prepared us to work? What are the needs and visions of education today and in the future?

ProductionGrupo Oito
ChoreographyRicardo de Paula
PerformersCaroline Alves, Laura Alonso, Fausta Scarangella, Jana Heilmann, Natalie Riedelsheimer, Vicky Barakaki, Zé de Paiva
Light designZé de Paiva
Technique, Sound & LightMiro Wallner, Ricardo de Paula
VideoRicardo de Paula, Zé de Paiva
MusicTom Zé
Sound DesignRicardo de Paula
Costume & Stage DesignGrupo Oito