Get Physical Process is a practice of transformation based on movement

The Get Physical Process has been developed by the dancer and choreographer Ricardo de Paula. It brings together elements of Contemporary Dance, Capoeria Angola, Body Mind Centering, and Contact Improvisation. In the Get Physical Process these different principles of movement and imaginations of the body merge into a powerful practice that searches for the strength and sensitivity of individual bodies meeting in motion.

Get Physical Process builds on the conviction that the capacity of the individual body to grow its senses is enhanced by the exchange happening between dancing bodies. It is a mobile negotiation between individual and group – building trust and collective strength.

In the open classes, we train to acknowledge the own responsibility of the body – in its weight shifts and in its movement. By taking control of the complex interactions that are our body, we train the readiness of the body – its ability to adeptly react towards any situation. We search for stability and alignment within the body, especially the spine, and learn to trust it. We work and strengthen the center of our bodies in order to decentralize our movement. We practice for our bodies to become strong and yet highly sensitive, to be intensely present, and yet tender in our encounters.

Classes & Workshops

We offer regular classes and workshops based on the Get Physical Process: In our weekly open classes, we establish the foundations of our practice, the Get Physical Process. In workshops, we deepen the practice and develop physical approaches to political questions.