Jobs 3.0

Further editions

JOBS 3.0 is a laboratory for the mind and the body, for the soul and action. Some experiments can be abstract, some other concrete, some individual, and some collective. Each encounter searches for new concepts during the creation process. It´s a challenge between creation and research.

This version is a collage of different elements: fictional, but sometimes very realistic characters show how different are the expectations, the dealings and ideologies in relationship with the “WORK”.

Production Grupo Oito
Choreography Grupo Oito
Performers Anne Vogel, Elitza Nanova, Ronja Stegmann,Can Kayha, Claudia Oehler, Laura, Alonso, Fausta Scarangella, Ze de Paiva, Miro Wallner, Natalie Riedelsheimer, Caroline Alves, Lena Pansegrau, Lina Maria Rohde, Mareika Luzia Jung
Light Ronja Stegmann
Music Ricardo de Paula, Ze de Paiva, Laura Alonso