Unrestricted Contact

There is something that connects us.

However, social centrifugal forces are increasing.

Segregation is becoming sharper, the debates more aggravated.

More and more new groups position themselves against others; are formed, are pitted against each other.

Mistrust grows, and with is, so does the pressure. Retreat and isolation become attractive.

There is something that connects us, could connects us. But do we know our position, our proximity, the forces that wear us down?

An ensemble, a heterogeneity of languages, dance educations, sexual orientations, social positions. Get Physical is the passion for and working method of dance . But does it connect us? What happens when we make explicit the heterogeneity, the social breaking points that go right through the middle of the ensemble, through the bodies? To finally allow the things in common, the possibilities of contact, a contact that hasn’t been limited all along. Psychological Rehabilitation – inspired by this invitation, Grupo Oito brings questions in the discussion of Fanon’s Black Skin, White Masks into the ensemble’s work: Unrestricted Contact as a physical discussion contrary to everyday violence.

"Shifting from a sensuous, atmospheric opening into moments of explosive empowerment and protest, the piece carried traces of the primal, the tribal and the ritualistic into embodied representations of social injustice and discrimination."

― berlinartlink.com vom 23.02.2018