Sentenced to death by stoning

Controversy over immigration

Burning religious books

The performance confronts the public with strong image, symbols, videos and objects which increase the sensibility of them.

“Perception” is a political dance performance that uses three facts of 2010 as a base to discuss about how distinct cultures perceive the same fact differently and what are the consequences of that.

  • In Iran, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani was sentenced to death by stoning.
  • The publication of Thilo Sarrazin’s book (Deutschland Schafft sich ab) set fire on the controversy over the integration of immigrants in Germany, putting it at the focal point of the social and political debate.
  • In USA, Pastor Terry Jones had a plan to burn Korans, what would have sparked a disaster. Jones is the author of “Islam Is of the Devil”.

From the facts, “Perception” does material for his art, preparing a true composition of physical poetry, which draws with the body in the space a flow in combustion for perceptions. The disciplined, marked bodies trained physically and mentally are present so creating a dialog where physical emotional experiences can be shared.

Recent facts, in 2010, with international repercussion such as the stoning of people, the increase of racism and intolerance in many European countries (for instance, new laws against ethnic groups, public controversies about the “integration” of immigrants in Germany…) lead us once again and more than ever to position ourselves in favor of promotion and respect of the human rights. The piece calls for freedom for all without distinction of race, sex, language, or religion.

Neben den für sich sprechenden Körpern, die Gewalt, Bestrafung und Formen der Disziplinierung sichtbar werden lassen, spielt die Inszenierung mit Tätowierungen als in die Körper eingeschriebene Wahrnehmung.

― Juliane Wieland (


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