Bodies in Pieces

How do you see yourself in public space?

When does your body become an object?

What does define you?

Plastic women, skin exposed. Confrontation and resolution. Individuals merged and re-divided.

The piece pushes borders – between inside and outside, public and private. Grupo Oito explores the image of human body in our modern society. The insecurity about our own body – our desire to adhere to a set of aesthetic rules. Through this uniformity we deviate from our intuitive body knowledge, creating fake images which we hope are ‘correct’. The piece questions the image of the over exposed human body. Bodies in Pieces is a result of research, based on Ricardo de Paula’s knowledge, which he shares and develops through a process called “Get Physical”. Dance pushes the bodily estrangement to its breaking point, causing it finally to dissolve. The performers move on the thin line between their inside depths and the outside world. Using the body, its image and its movement, the company gage mental borders and ask: can you explore the Real, using the human body?

I'm inspired by the inner complexity of woman. About the struggle she has with ambiguous feelings. About the attraction and rejection, looking for harmony between them.”