The German word doch is the shortest and direct response to combat a negative statement with the opposite positive. Facing a denial, doch is the most direct way to make a contraposition.

In this project, doch is not just a word but an “action”. DOCH! is the tension between stopping and persisting. It is above all an insistence. Within DOCH! are also topics such as identity, nationality, violence, stereotypes.

DOCH! is a resistance weapon in the body itself.


Choreography: Caroline Alves
Dramaturgy: Miro Wallner
Music: AGF – AGF-Ripatti / TBA Natalie Beridze
Costume: Sofia Vannini
Voice: Kathleen Kunat

Warm thank you to Ricardo de Paula, Natalie Riedelsheimer, Martina Garbelli and Iury Trojaborg for collaborating in the process.