Laura Alonso

Born in 1984 in Galicia, Spain.

Laura is dancer, choreographer, teacher and mother. Her source of curiosity for the body, as a tool for exploration and expression along with education, in its different areas, has always been much intertwined.
In 2006 she finished her degree as a Physical Education Teacher from the University of A Coruña. In 2009 she concluded her professional education in contemporary dance at the “Escuela Carmen Senra” in Madrid and she moved to Berlin, where she currently resides. Since then she became a member of the Grupo Oito dance collective. At the same time, she worked also under the direction of choreographers such as Jesus Rubio Gamo, Kelvin O’Hardy, Alba Lorca, Regina Rossi and Modjga Hashemian.
Since 2011 she is part of the teaching team at the school “Die Etage- Schüle für darstellenden und bildeden Künste” and in 2013 she finished her training as a Pilates instructor at Pilates-Lab Berlin. She is currently part of the Making-a-difference network to support dance with and under the vision of performers and choreographers with sensory and / or physical disabilities.
In addition, she begins her research as a choreographer, developing her first videodance together with Zé de Paiva “, Vírgula” (2011) and her dance solos “Alle gegen Eins” (2013), “Die Valsa # 6” (2015) together with Zé de Paiva and “Apnea” (2016)