Martina Garbelli

Born in 1986 in Monza, Italy.

Martina is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. The practice of dance is her tool to explore relationships between the individual and society connected to political and social topics, to investigate interpersonal relationships and express the inner world.
She started dancing ballet at a very young age and then shifted her interest onto modern and contemporary dance. After graduating in 2009 in Foreign Languages and Literatures, she attended two professional dance education programs in Italy (Spazio in Tilt in Milan and Modem Atelier in Catania) and completed her training in 2012 at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance).
During and after her education she has worked in smaller and bigger projects with several choreographers (among others cie. Willy Dorner, Compagnia AiEp – Ariella Vidach) and with the puppetry and dance company Zaches Teatro, touring in Italy and in different European countries.
In 2013 she moved to Berlin and participated as a guest in the production “Forest: the nature of crisis” by DORKY PARK – Constanza Macras. The same year together with Annukka Hirvonen she created the duet “Liven” and performed it in Berlin, Milan and Oulu.
In 2015 she joined the Grupo Oito´s production “Part of You” and since then she is member of the collective. Besides, she created her first solo “A-letheia” in 2016 and worked several times with the visual artist Yvon Chabrowski (last collaboration WE HAVE A BODY in 2019).
Since she is based in Berlin teaching dance became a very important part of her work: her aim is not only to teach dance, but also to give the participants a space where they can meet themselves and others and where they can experience life-themes through dance and movement.