Jobs 3.0

JOBS 3.0 is a laboratory for the mind and the body, for the soul and action. Some experiments can be abstract, some other concrete, some individual, and some collective. Each encounter searches for new concepts during the creation process. It´s a challenge between creation and research. This version is a

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Jobs 2.0

Todays school system was created during the industrial revolution with the intention to prepare people to fulfill an economic necessity. With time, society and its economic needs have changed and yet, the structure of school has stayed the same. JOBS beta 2.0 shows situations from everyday life at school by

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Jobs 1.0

How many jobs do we have to do to be able to dance? Is dancing sustainable? What is the difference between “job” and “work”? Starting from these questions JOBS beta 1.0 grew into a very divers performance enriched by the presence of live music. It dealt with topics like manipulation,

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